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The New JM Foods llc Identity

JM Foods llc has been the premium choice for quality food ever since its inception in 2003. While the market has grown and expanded tremendously, so has the organization in order to maximize client and customer satisfaction through efficient and value added services.

JM Foods llc has always laid emphasis on the quality of the products offered and thus adopted its motto “Quality promised, Quality delivered.” The ethos followed focuses on not just making promises of superior quality food or ingredients, but also delivering on all platforms, to cater to the needs of each and every client.


Jaber Measam Foodstuff LLC (JM Foods LLC)

Plot #5971033 - Dubai Investment Park 2
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

+971 4 883 8238 (T) | +971 4 883 8033 (F)

sales (at) jmfoodgulf (dot) com | info (at) jmfoodgulf (dot) com

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