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JM Foods llc is the ultimate source for all your food and beverage requirements. A private owned company, established in 1996 by Managing Director Rajan J.S., boasts an extensive variety of the finest produce sourced from leading suppliers across the globe.

We are passionate in everything we do and take pride in our commitment to our ethos- “QUALITY PROMISED, QUALITY DELIVERED”

The repertoire of products comprise of fresh seafood and shellfish, meats, game and poultry, an extensive selection of cheeses, pork, and gourmet ingredients - all sourced from across the globe including UK,France,Italy, Holland, Norway, Scotland, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

We supply to leading hotel chains and caterers within the region, and have always been the preferred trusted source for restaurant chefs, thanks to our efficiency in keeping up with growing demands, extensive range and dedicated commitment to service

At JM Foods llc, we also supply seasonal, premium quality produce, to allow chefs to work with the seasons and be able to showcase their talent and creativity in dishes, while letting the ingredients shine through.

JM Foods llc warehouse and distribution facilities are currently sited in Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai, and feature a temperature controlled warehouse facility as well as dedicated individual storage for frozen and chilled products.

The team at JM Foods llc are our most valuable asset,they have extensive knowledge of our range and they are focused and ready to deliver the best service and support to all our valued clients

JMF logistics prides itself in having a skilled, reliable team of staff who can fully manage everything from quality control of shipments, to deliveries and transportation of goods, to ensure the clients requirements are met with every order dispatched.

Our in-house team is well versed with all food safety requirements making sure food is kept in its prime state, while guaranteeing shipment of goods on time with strict adherence to the guidelines and principles of HACCP and quality standards.

To keep up with the GCC’s growing demand of imported food and beverage products, JM Foods llc will be spreading its wings and opening a state of art ,purpose built larger facility (ready for completion in 2014). The facility will boast an expansive space for storage, and will allow clients to constantly benefit from an outstanding service schedule which runs 24 hours, 7 days a week.

JM Foods

Certificates & Recognitions

action care appreciation Rotana AL Ain appreciation East coast Culinary HACCP Emirates Culinary guild Meat & Lifestock australia

our quality products


Choose from fresh wild caught fish, shellfish, farmed or smoked fish, frozen seafood items or canned seafood (MSC certified) at JM Foods llc A varied range of high quality products allows for the perfect key ingredient in a wide selection of dishes.

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Pantry staples and essential ingredients are among the widespread selection on offer. We have everything required to fully equip a kitchen pantry with all the required ingredients

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Halal Meat

Pick from a collection of certified high quality Wagyu, Black Angus and A Grade beef and premium quality Lamb. Veal is available either milkfed or grassfed. We constantly provide a great selection of protein to ensure our clients get exactly what they want for their customers.

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Poultry, Game & Wild Meat

An extensive selection of certified high quality Poultry, Game and Wild Meat to cater to our clients and their customers.

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Wild Meat


The flavour, aromas and textures of cheeses vary across countries and regions. Make JM Foods llc your one stop shop and choose from a diverse selection of soft and hard cheeses to suit all taste buds.

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Delicatessen & Charcuterie

We specialize in gourmet product and luxury items that are apt for any meal or occasions. So choose from deli-style food products and expect only the best in quality. JM Foods llc is just a call or an email away, for enquiries or special requests.

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Pork Meat

Fresh and frozen varieties allow our customers to pick and choose the cut they desire, from various suppliers or countries of origin.

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a selection of our brands


Making it great!

Rayants with its premium quality products, aims to make dining a true sensation, providing well curated processed meat & seafood products. To ensure that we live up to this claim and remain a reliable partner for you when it comes to preparing meat and sausage delicacies, we are constantly developing ourselves further and place you, the customer, at the heart of our work. Accredited with ISO 22000:2005 certifications, we have adopted the best international industry practices. Today, we offer you processed meat products from Beef, Lamb, Veal, Turkey & Chicken – in different varieties and sizes. Apart from these we also offer you with wide range of mortadella, sausages, salamis, pepperonis and prime cuts.

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Beyond Meat plant-based meats are made with intention. We combine expert innovation with simple, non-GMO ingredients to deliver the meaty experience you crave without the compromise. 

Beyond Meat products have no GMOs, 0mg of cholesterol per serving, and no added antibiotics or hormones.

Made up of five key components - Peas, Coconut Oil, Potato, Minerals & Beetroot, this delectable, better-for-you option gives you the meaty experience you crave without compromise.

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Jack’s Creek is a leading company in Australian premium beef production and multi award winner in the ‘World’s Best Steak’  competitions. Their operations include processing Wagyu and Black Angus cattle and marketing high quality grain-fed beef products. We are proud to provide each and every customer with Jack's Creek's beef guarantee: tender and juicy beef, full of flavour with every bite. (cto)

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Based in the Netherlands, Salud Foodgroup Europe produces and distributes frozen Avocado products, Appetizers and Tortillas & Pitas to more than 44 countries in Eastern- & Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas. 

The underlying meaning of the Spanish word ‘Salud’ is 'Cheers’ and ‘we wish you good health’ which is part of the mission of Salud Foodgroup Europe to continue developing sustainable, environmentally-friendly products whilst not losing sight of health-conscious trends.

Key markets are the food service industry consisting of wholesale, catering and other related businesses.

Convenience plays an important role alongside the practical use of the products. Each product group includes numerous specialty products that promise a festive culinary addition to every caterer’s menu. Salud places tremendous value on the quality and taste of every dish. (cto)

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Top Paddock Lamb - Premium Australian Grass-fed Lamb

Top Paddock Lamb is naturally lean and tender with no added hormones, antibiotics or chemical additives.

Top Paddock Lamb has been selected & produced to cater primarily to the foodservice market. Particular care is taken to ensure continuity of supply, excellent eating quality and that the meat is cut to a consistent specification.

NO added hormones, NO antibiotics, NO chemical residue, Halal certified, Processed & packed in purpose-built plants, HACCP inspected & certified. (cto)

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Peter's Farm - The Premium Veal

Looking for top quality veal? 
Then Peter's Farm Veal is the right choice. The very tender veal has a fine structure and a delicate taste. 

Calves in herds playing with hanging balls? Yes! Peter's Farm calves live in herds. They choose when and how much they want to eat and whether they wish to move about, stand, lie down, play or sleep.

Animal welfare and the freedom and rest enjoyed by the calves is reflected in the quality, tenderness and flavour of Peter's Farm Veal. Food Safety is maximum guaranteed and the transparency of Peter's Farm gives you the possibility to trace the products back to the farm. (cto)

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Premium Pork Meat From Netherlands


Discover the finest bake-off products ranging from boulangerie and patisserie to viennoiserie and savoury to wow your customers.

Bread & bakery has the power to spoil, surprise, enrich and fuel people’s lives and imagination by tapping into their senses.

Inspiring You To Make The Difference  

In a world filled with fierce competition and tight resources, you're always on the lookout for ways to stand out. To differentiate and make your mark. Creativity is your tool. You want to stir the senses and bring flavours, colours and textures to the table. You want to spark up conversations. To you, a smile or the excitement of a customer trying something new is the biggest reward. So explore with us, and surprise your customers with new sensory experiences.

We're Ready For You

We want to become your first-to-turn-to brand as a chef or an F&B operator. Surprising your customers with new sensory experiences is at the core of everything we do.

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Your Coffee Partner

Bean Curve is inspired by the outstanding reputation of Melbourne coffee. No where on Earth can anyone claim that their love affair for coffee and café culture was not driven by Melbourne’s coffee addiction and why we have become known as the coffee capital of the world.

Bean Curve was founded by coffee driven individuals that have constantly adapted to the changing trends and availability of quality coffees to embrace the essence of the coffee bean.

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A wealth of artisanal products to rediscover the old, traditional pleasures of the table.

In the wide range of products “Contado degli Acquaviva”, we offer so many delicacies to not leave nobody high and dry. Not even the most sophisticated palate.

Agra Contado degli Acquaviva produces a great selection of gourmet and speciality products which includes antipasti, hors d'oeuvre and olives in jars, grilled vegetables, seafood in jars, pickled vegetables, mushrooms,etc. (cto)

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Flavorful and quality Baked Beans & Tomatoes in tin can.

✔️ 100% Italian Products

✔️ Gluten Free

✔️ No Artificial Added (Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives)

✔️ Vegan

✔️ Kosher

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Dublaix Huitres since 1865


You are advised to store oysters at a temperature of between 5 and 10°c (in a cellar or a refrigerator vegetable compartment), and to open them at least half an hour before consumption, discarding their first water. Quality oysters should be eaten at a room temperature.
Take the body of the oyster with a small fork and let your mouth enjoy an explosion of flavours, aromas and freshness. (cto)

Frozen Peking Duck from Malaysia


✔️ Gluten Free     ✔️ Dairy Free     ✔️ Nut Free      ✔️ Soy Free     ✔️ Kosher

Growing from a one-woman kitchen bakery to a full, state-of-the-art facility—completely nut & dairy free and certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group, OU and Rabbi Y. Gruber—Mrs. Katz now creates allergy-friendly baked goods to fulfill all sorts of dietary restrictions. And she continues to stay true to her original recipes, only using high-quality ingredients and never including any artificial preservatives or off-putting chemical additives. That’s why Mrs. Katz baked goods are kept frozen, ready to thaw to room temperature or be warmed to fresh-baked flavor with just 10-15 seconds in the microwave!

So, if you too have been struggling to find gluten-free, allergy-friendly baked goods that truly taste as good as their allergen-rich counterparts, look no further than Mrs. Katz!

Don’t let food allergies stop you from enjoying your favorite treats - say YES to the foods you love!

All the products are manufactured under the highest level of certifications available to ensure they are fully Gluten Free and Strictly Kosher.

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The Koffmann potato range is the leading UK chefs brand for potatoes.

In November 2020 we made the decision to bring the business in house, working with our dedicated growers group to develop varieties, select best regional soil variations, maintain strict conditioning and storage regimes. Our advanced packing and handling facilities enable us to offer the best tasting and most suitable for purpose products available on any given day all season round.

Early in 2021 the Koffmann’s brand extended its range and moved into the frozen market with three new products and introduced the Koffmann’s frites range which includes Les Pommes Frites, Les Grandes Frites XXL and Sweet Potato Frites.

Although the UK foodservice and wholesale market is at its core, The Food Heroes have not ruled out a move into retail for the Koffmann’s product range.Save

Understanding and more importantly reacting to the current market place and its opportunities is key and quite simply what drives the brand forward.

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Frozen Fruit Puree

Made of carefully selected fruits, from the best fruit all over the world. The production is done immediately after harvesting, so the freshness is always guaranteed. Because of our innovative system, the flavor and color will remain the same as the fresh fruit.


Marie Brizard offers highly qualitative syrups, made it with 100% pure cane sugar, thus offering exceptional aromatic intensity, balance and smoothness. Our syrups are created using our unique know-how since 1755.

Our syrups are developed in the same vein as our liqueurs thanks to our unique expertise.

Aromatically rich with freshness, strength and complexity.

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Our cheese is lovingly handcrafted and picked by the Barber Family – the oldest cheddar making family in England who have spent over six generations embracing multiple flavors, textures and aromas, along with the Heler Family, whose dairy farm is located on the natural pasture rich Cheshire Plain in the English countryside, to ensure you receive England’s finest cheddar cheese.


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From Food Ideas To Great Success.

Following the success of Haco AG in Switzerland, Haco Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2004 with its manufacturing plant strategically located in Shah Alam, Malaysia. 

Our culinary dry mix products are a natural choice and do not contain MSG, trans fats, preservatives or artificial colouring. With its Swiss origin for over 90 years, with over 90 years of flavourful heritage, Haco has perfected the art of preserving and blending the delicate essence and aromas of exquisite ingredients, creating a range of culinary dry mix products of the finest taste and quality for clients the world over.

As a result, our foodservice products are not only high in nutritional value but also do not contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), trans fats, preservatives or artificial colouring – making it the preferred choice for foodservice professionals around the world.

Beyond just manufacturing premium products, Haco Asia Pacific also works closely with our distribution partners and professional chefs in providing technical support and introducing exciting new products to the market. (cto)

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The Natural Green Of Mediterranean 

The Aegean's Flavor Class.

Only the best olives are chosen when Oliovilla's unique olive oils are produced. All products are a unique mix of history and green olives. Hand-picked olives from the vast olive trees of the Aegean are handled with care to offer memorable tastes to you.

Product of Thousands of Years

Unique flavor and splendid aroma make Oliovilla the best extra virgin olive oil. Because Olivovilla is more than an olive oil brand…It contains thousands of years of culture, expertise and heritage.

The Greenest, The Best.

Experience is required to produce a unique olive oil with its flavor and aroma. Oliovilla is the pinnacle of thousands of years of olive knowledge and experience. All processes have to be perfect in order to produce a unique olive oil. Just as olive oil, which is not careful to produce, loses its flavor, olives that are not carefully cultivated lose all their flavor. The harvest must be done at the right time and by hand so that the olives do not become bitter and rotten. To reach the freshest olive oil, the green olives must be squeezed immediately after the bedspread. Because the flavor is hidden in detail.

The Chalmar Beef farm and abattoir operation includes over 300 dedicated and passionate people, it has a farm feedlot capacity of 20 000 cattle and a further 19 000 cattle on pasture. The farm also produces maize silage on 1000ha of high potential soil.

The grain feeding of the cattle at Chalmar Beef is an exact science which requires dedication and hard work. Our operation runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Cattle

There is one constant which has not changed and will not change for Chalmar Beef and that is the focus on producing consistently tender and juicy beef.

We don’t buy market ready cattle from other feedlot producers. We therefor have complete control over the production process from the feedlot into the abattoir.

Pasture Reared

Chalmar Beef has the capacity to house 19 000 cattle on pasture. All young calves under 200kg’s go onto pasture and are pasture reared for 3 to 5 months before entering the feedlot. These calves receive supplemental feeding which contains the nutrients required to build a healthy and strong immune system.

Grain Finished

The supply of cattle to feedlots is very seasonal in South Africa. This leads to shortages of beef during certain times of the year. By rearing young cattle on pasture we ensure a consistent supply of cattle to the feedlot and ultimately beef on your plate throughout the year.

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High quality canned fruits and vegetables on its best flavor and nutrient quality

Hand-crafted authentic English cheddar cheese from United Kingdom 

Exceptional Maple. Family Tradition. 

Maple Craft 

Making maple is a craft. You learn it like any other craft: by dedicating yourself to it. By paying attention to the health of your sugarbush, by watching and listening to the wind and weather, looking for the signs that can tell you when the sap is getting ready to run, when it’s time to tap your trees – and talking to the ones who have come before, sharing in the traditional knowledge of your family, friends and neighbor farmers.

Organic Maple Syrup

All Coombs Family Farms organic maple products are certified organic by the Quality Assurance International (QAI) and carry the USDA organic seal. This ensures you that when you choose Coombs Family Farms organic maple syrup, the maple syrup that you pour on your pancakes or use in your favorite recipes is 100% free of any pesticides and chemicals.

The Original Natural Sweetener

Pure Maple Syrup is a “natural” food, processed by heat concentration of pure maple sap, which is the nutrient liquid utilized by the plant for the annual growth of its tissues. Our maple syrup is available in all grades, natural and organic, and a variety of sizes.

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More Brands More Brands

Zoetic Tea Infusions invites you to share in what we now call "Positive Tea Culture." We have a range of products to suit both of the retail and food service sectors of the market at the premium and bulk ends of the spectrum. With a range of teaware and accessories to suit, we can offer you a complete solution to suit your requirements.

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TM Grodfood pates are a product with a delicate, creamy consistency that will please everyone and are ideal for breakfast or a delicious meat snack throughout the day.

Pates "Golden Series" are produced according to a special recipe with increased filling of raw meat and are as close as possible to homemade pates.

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Premium French Pate


  • The eggs are smoked naturally on birch and alder cuttings 
  • Smoked Quail eggs have been proven very beneficial in fighting more than 30 diseases.
  •  Quail egg not only  has amazing  protein,  it contains  good  cholesterol  and  a  high  concentration  of  minerals and  vitamins. 
  • Smoked Quail eggs  contain much  vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.  
  • Smoked Quail  eggs  contain iron, folate, pantothenic  acid,  phosphorus,  riboflavin and  quail  eggs  are  the only dietetic eggs in the  world.
  • Smoked Quail eggs are additionally enriched with selenium: 100g of the product contains 20mcg of selenium which is 50% of the human daily need of selenium consumption. 
  • The standard packing is 20 eggs per pack in gas environment (upon request eggs can be packed in a different quantity).  
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Pure Passion

We are passionate about prawns, purity and the planet. As far as we are concerned, when it comes to the welfare of the planet, it takes absolute integrity and commitment to make a difference. Our attitude is 'it can't get pure enough'.

Fortune Flavor

We offer one of the world's purest products. Caught in the world's cleanest waters. Following the world's strictest environmental standards. Caught in the deeply cold, clean waters of the Arctic, our Norwegian prawns are of a quality and purity that makes them without equal.


Purely Origin

We have one of the purest products on the planet. A major reason for this is our prawns' unique origin - the deep Arctic waters of the Barents Sea. The freezing conditions mean that the Coldwater prawn matures more slowly than other, more common variants

Pure Planet

Coldwater Prawns of Norway knows it owes an incalculable debt to the planet. Without the fruits of Mother Nature our business would simply not exist. This is one of the reasons why we have always taken our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously.

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By innovating daily, PORKETTO by JB Viande offers its customers the opportunity to easily cook and consume piglet meat, to make the meal "Crisp" while respecting taste, naturalness and food balance.

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The Latteria Sociale Mantova Group (LSM Group) is leader in Italy in the production of Grana Padanoand in the wholesale of other D.O.P. Italian cheese-typesQuality and transparency have guaranteed the highest excellence for our products since 1929.

With constant innovation looking up to traditionthe work of our company is carried out with true passion in order to create products with quality, authenticity, and unmistakable flavour.

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We have been passionate about our Wagyu beef for many years and about ten years ago we were able to buy our first bulls. We introduced Wagyu sires to our breeding herd of quality Angus cows to produce what is known as an F1 calf (first cross). This means our entire production now consists of animals that contain a minimum of 50% Wagyu content.

Wagyu cattle are known for their marbling characteristics (unsaturated, healthy fat deposits throughout the meat), which gives the meat its tenderness and flavour. This is the common type of Wagyu beef you see in restaurants, generally with marbling 4+. Our Jac Wagyu Black and Jac Wagyu Gold are derived from these F1 cattle. We also have a fullblood herd which produce the Jac Wagyu Pure lines.

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Pieter van Meel is a professional processing plant started in 1984 and supplier of meat, poultry and game. High quality products are supplied to both renowned restaurants like the self-catering wholesalers. (cto)

The Leading Independent Food Service Brand

Country Range brand provides you with a value for money proposition without any need to compromise on taste or quality.

The quality, consistency and affordability of our products makes the Country Range brand widely regarded as the best in food service.

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The natural source of inspiration for your culinary passion.

Van Es Foods International B.V. is currently owned by Dirk van Es. Together with his team he works very hard on delivering beautiful, delicious and healthy products.

We have our own cold storage warehouse, production site and sales office in Babberich and deliver globally. Quality is of highest importance to us and to our customers.

All deliveries of Van Es Foods International B.V. have undergone quality control. This guarantees the quality of our fruits. Upon supply to us, our fruit is checked for Brix content (sugar), pH (acidity), maturity and shape. We only pack the highest quality fruits.

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From the delicious sweet-smelling cinnamon of Sri Lanka to delicate Spanish saffron, Apollo brings Jadico Condiments everything needed to give every culinary recipe a miraculous key. Exotic spices and herbs that make every recipe into a sublime culinary masterpiece. Apollo provides a very large range of gourmet sauces, glazes, culinaises, dressings and seasonings that make your recipes to "signature dishes". (cto)

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Love for good things, respect for tradition, passion for work and attention to new food trends. These are and always will be Veroni's values.

Traditional quality, modern safety.

Veroni main goal has always been to offer a balance between these main factors; the quality offered by an artisan company together with the safety, broad product selection, and reliability offered by an industrial one. The result is a broad range of high quality meats, produced according to highest safety standards.

Veroni Classic Range - This range contains a broad, comprehensive array of high-quality products for consumers who really appreciate the flavours of the finest traditional Italian cured meat. From the mortadella, the Parma ham and the cooked ham to the pancetta, the coppa and the wide selection of salami, every single product offers the perfect balance between the artisan expertise of our master cold cuts makers and cutting-edge nutritional methods.

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A family owned company, McPhee produce high quality Australian Beef for the export market. The McPhee brand is well known and sought after throughout North America, Asia and the Middle East. The company is located on the picturesque Murray River at Wodonga in north east Victoria, right in the middle of Australia’s premier cattle growing regions. The area has one of Australia’s highest annual rainfalls and some of the world’s best natural grazing pastures. McPhee Bros Beef supply high quality Australian Beef direct from their export accredited abattoir and purpose built on-site boning room. Leaders in the industry, they maintain a modern fully integrated quality assurance system and plant. (cto)

The Urbani family has been a prestigious and respected name in the truffle business for generations. From its inception, in 1850, under the guidance of Carlo Urbani, the Urbani reputation for excellence has been carefully and faithfully handed down from one generation to the next. As a result, the passage of so many years has served only to strengthen the Urbani name and heritage, as each newer generation blends the traditions, customs and knowledge of the previous one, and adds its own unique sense of enrichment. (cto)

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DeJong Cheese - The best fresh and soft cheese specialties!

DeJong’s Goat cheese is produced in a completely traditional way. For example, they use traditional filter cloths to prevent goat milk. It remains a real natural product. In contrast to industrial production processes, their approach preserves the natural taste. They have many years of experience in making goat’s cheese, and you can taste it! Their secret? The traditional way of producing and the attention with which we make our goat’s cheese.

Dejong Cheese has a rich and award winning goat cheese assortment. They have a very diverse range of soft and matured goat cheeses.

Are you looking for a soft goat cheese that is easy to process in your products or dishes take a look at the page of Cheese Crumbles this is a fresh crumbled goat cheese which is easy to process and available in different flavours.

Another innovative variant of goat’s cheese that we have to offer, are the goat’s cheese slices. They have these in different sizes and packaging forms. (cto)

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With Pasta Romana, you take the Italian lifestyle home with you.

Pasta Romana make pasta the way Italian mothers would make it for their families: unmistakeably fresh and unmistakeably delicious.

Tasty and hearty – typically Italian.

Pasta Romana – exquisite pasta specialities with home-made fillings according to classic original recipes. Pasta Romana is a family-owned company with Italian roots has stood for tradition and innovation in the production of filled pastas for already 30 years. Their pasta is mostly catered in international flight and ship catering companies, hotels and restaurants, and connoisseurs of good pasta. With inspiration from the various regions of Italy, they constantly discover new product creations. They capture the fresh and unique flavour with their gentle production process. As a result, they create the unmistakeable moment of delicious-smelling, freshly plated pasta for every connoisseur. For this reason, customers also trust their frozen fresh pasta.

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The history of Stuhrk started in 1898. Stührk was born from the imagination of Magdalena and the business acumen of Hermann Stührk. Stührk is committed to a sustainable thinking within the industry. A variety of their products are MSC labelled for sustainable fishing. (cto)

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Eurovo Service embraces the needs of bakeries, ice-cream makers, rotisseries and restaurants, offering to professionals of this sector a wide range of dedicated egg products and UHT products.

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Mara Foods is the brand with which we bring Italian goodness to the world. 


Our company name comes from the word ‘brindis’, to raise one’s glass in a toast, and our work over the past 30 years has been to toast and celebrate the varied cultures, landscapes and, above all the exceptional foods of Spain.



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We don’t make vinegar...

We craft brew Sarson’s

Only Sarson’s is matured for seven times longer for a rich and round taste.

Brewed from British malt, fermented with larch wood wool from the Leighton Estate in Wales and matured in the Siberian pine vats.

We’ve been producing vinegar the same way for over 200 years, using quality British ingredients such as malted barley and water. All these lovely ingredients contribute to the 15 million bottles of Sarson’s we produce every year!

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Riso Scotti Ingredients, thanks to the expertise and know-how of the Italian leading rice mill Group, has developed some unique technologies and processes to produce food components that increase the healthy potential of the products derived from rice.

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High quality raw materials, the noblest cuts, careful processing. Discover all Bordoni products: from the Granfetta, the flagship of the Salumificio, to La Rossa, ideal for the most creative combinations, to Halal, made with beef to respect the Muslim religious belief.

A bresaola different from the others

The choice of the best raw materials , coming from animals raised outdoors, the selection of the noblest cuts , the careful processing of the meat. Expert hands that mix spices according to the ancient family recipe , patient eyes that follow the seasoning, a family that works with the same enthusiasm as on the first day. These are the ingredients that make Bresaola Bordoni unique : a typical product of the Valtellina area, with IGP recognition , which guarantees authenticity and quality.

A thin slice is enough to discover the lightness of Bresaola Bordoni and let yourself be conquered by hissoftness , with a high mountain scent and an aromatic aftertaste .

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Our Clients

a story told

Since the establishment of JM Foods llc in the UAE, our vision has been to provide our clients only with the highest quality products available from all over the world.

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Established in 2003, by its Managing Director and Founder, who with his passion for excellence and quality, inspired the company to succeed from the start. As a company, we have seen many changes in the last 11 years.

Today, we have expanded our workforce to over 70 dedicated and highly efficient staff who work around the clock to meet the demand for quality products and services at the best affordable price for our valuable customers and clients. We market hundreds of branded product lines and numerous category leaders.

Over the years, JM Foods llc has become a name synonymous with import and export of quality produce. The company has gained a reputable name not only for the selection of produce, but also for the brands associated with the company, whether they are suppliers from Europe, USA and Australia to Far East Asia, which further promote our ideology of “Quality promised, Quality delivered.”

Offering personal, customer-focused service, exceptional reliability and products of consistently high quality, we serve many satisfied customers in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe and around the world. (cto)

The eastern Swiss family business Züger Frischkäse AG processes fresh, high-quality milk from the region to produce wonderful fresh cheese products. The product range includes mozzarella, pizza mozzarella, mascarpone, ricotta, quark, cream cheese, brined cheese, barbecue cheese, and butter. (cto)

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All goods are stored at our fully modernized warehouse which include chilled, frozen and dry storage facilities and delivered at temperature controlled vehicles. JM Foods llc will be relocating to a much larger space by the end of the year to meet the highest international standards.

Our new logo depicted by a ribbon in the shape of a star symbolizes how delicately we handle the bonding with our customers and clients so as to connect with them more effectively. It also symbolizes our flexibility to meet the ever changing demands of our valued partners. Our ambition to be the leaders in the industry and shine in what we do is indicated by the star in our logo.

The new premium quality ribbon


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