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Looking at our growth over the years, since our establishment, I feel extremely proud of our achievements. Our clients and customers continue to select JM Foods llc as their partner of choice because of our experience, values and commitment to quality and service.

We believe that the pursuit of a responsible approach to business – where we consider the needs and interests of all our clients and customers – is a decisive factor determining our long-term success.

JM Foods llc is a success story that would not be possible without the contribution of our customers, clients and dedicated employees who have shared our incredible journey thus far.

The people who work at JM Foods llc are our biggest asset. Our honest, talented and committed staff who listen to our client and customer needs and providing effective solutions to them are what makes JM Foods llc standout among the competitors. We take pride in selecting the right people for the right job to meet the demanding and ever changing needs of our clients and customers.

We love what we do and that’s what makes us who we are.

Rajan J.S.

Managing Director - JM Foods llc


Jaber Measam Foodstuff LLC (JM Foods LLC)

Plot #5971033 - Dubai Investment Park 2
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

+971 4 883 8238 (T) | +971 4 883 8033 (F)

sales (at) jmfoodgulf (dot) com | info (at) jmfoodgulf (dot) com

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